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The homeowner is oftentimes confronted with the question as to whether or not a construction permit is required for certain building improvements. Briefly, it is rather common knowledge that the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code requires a permit for all work involving new construction, renovation, and addition to a structure, which may include but not limited to siding, roofing, a deck, a swimming pool, hot water heater, furnace or boiler, electrical wiring and plumbing.


Permits must be obtained from the Building Department for the following:

  • Installing a new furnace, water heater or boiler (this also includes having the chimney inspected and certified and having the proper form completed in full)
  • Installing central air conditioning
  • An addition of any type
  • An alteration of any type
  • Building a garage
  • Buidling a shed over 200 square feet
  • Installing a pool (either above ground or in ground)
  • New electric wiring or upgrading the electric service in your house
  • Enclosing a porch, adding a porch, porch steps and replacement steps
  • Finishing of a basement
  • Any interior alterations (removal and replacement of sheetrock, etc.)
  • Kitchen remodeling and cabinet replacement
  • Installing fireplaces and wood burning stoves (either gas or wood burning)
  • Bathroom renovations (relocation of fixtures, sheet rocking and tub replacement)
  • Adding of new bathroom
  • New windows, this does NOT include replacements as long as they are the same size and style as the old ones (ex: double hung to double hung/casement to casement)
  • Demolition work of any kind
  • Installation of any fire alarm system

Permits are NOT required for the following:

  • Roofing or siding as long as the materials are the same
  • Replacement of electric outlets or switches that have already been installed
  • Installation of flooring material (i.e., carpet, linoleum)
  • Painting or wall papering
  • Replacement of faucets, bathroom fixtures (in same location) as long as piping does not have to be replaced or rearranged, or no new electric is installed
  • Replacement of glass in windows or doors as long as the glass conforms to the minimum requirements
  • Repair or replacement of duct work


  • Sheds 200 square feet in size or under and less than 10 feet high require a zoning permit only
  • Construction Permits are required for retaining walls over 4 ft in height (Zoning and possible Engineering required for ALL retaining walls)
  • Do not make any final payments to your contractor until the work has been inspected and final approvals have been granted

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